FFXIV fetch.me - Privacy Policy


Greetings, I'm a web dev from Manitoba, Canada.

This is the part where I explain what info is collected, and how much I value your privacy.

What is collected

By the website

By me, nothing. I don't ask for you email, address or credit card on this website. I made this for personal use and decided to share it with friends / anybody that plays FFXIV

3rd Party Scripts

Google Analytics

I was hesitant to add this, because I honestly just wanted to share a neat thing with people. But I haven't been playing all that much anymore, and I don't really want to sink a bunch of time into something that nobody is using. But if folks are enjoying it then I'd rather not just abandon it either.

According to Google they collect the following information:

And that's actually it, I hope you have a great day!